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 Luke_Griffin Administrative Applications

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PostSubject: Luke_Griffin Administrative Applications   Luke_Griffin Administrative Applications Icon_minitimeSat Oct 15, 2016 5:04 pm

IG level:
Why should you be accepted in the admin team and if we said you will start from SH and climb up till  SA what you gonna say ? :
You should Accepted me above all other applicants because I have patience and never broke a rule. I report every hacker except shouting in the main chat which gives the hackers opportunity to turn off their hacks and also there are a lot of hackers in the server and there's no admin which is online according to my GMT except Bolt. My English level is understandable and I am active. I know many Admin commands and class abuses like Kamikaze abuse, Demon abuse and Boomer abuse. I would bring to the server and team some help and I won't abuse my powers and i'll give them my all activity and love. I can understand 2 different languages which are Urdu (As this is my Country's main language) and English. I can help many players because there are a lot of Pakistani in this server. I am flexible, I know my mistakes and pay for them. You can trust me. I am consistent and reliable and I can take criticism and learn from feedback. I never had conflict with any admin or player. I want to help make this community better, and by staffing I can help enforce the rules and make the server a better place for other members and guests to the server, Well Depends On Ur Mind, You make me Sh or SA That All Thank you For Reading my admin application I hope I get Accpeted or Denied....   Smile  Cool

Do you know cmds if you do say 20 of acmds from helper cmds and admin cmds :
Cmds For admin /kick /slap /ban /skick /sendtols /makeadmin or /setadmin /gethere /goto ID /makeleader /createpvehicle /spec /fackick /fdelete /fcreate /fedit /ar [Accept Report] /tr [trash report] /nmute /unmute if server like lawless have this admin cmds /announce /quiz /setdonator Ivy Donator  /allhunt This is Cmds for Helper /acceptrequesthelp I know all cmds but, I can't Explain it now becuz, we don't have time ^^
Are you active : Yes Of course Im Active, and Loyal

Country : Philippines

GMT+ : GMT +11:00

Are you going to continue with us in the server or you just came for being an admin : Yes, Im going to continue With us in the Server.

Who referred you to this server our server :None

You going to abuse your admin powers or no ? : Nope,  I will not Never abuse,  
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Luke_Griffin Administrative Applications
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