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 Admin Application.

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PostSubject: Admin Application.   Admin Application. Icon_minitimeSun Oct 09, 2016 10:43 am

Name:Bird Freeman
IG level :15 (But Since IT Rolled Back So I Was starting again as Lv.1)
Why should you be accepted in the admin team and if we said you will start from SH and climb up till SA what you gonna say ? :You Should Accept my Application Because I'm Well Experienced Of Being an Administrator, If If You gonna Say that I'm Gonna start as SH then It's Okay For me I'm not a hardheaded Child Also I'm not a Always Asking For Admin Ranks. I Would Do My best The Server Players, I Should Work Hard For My Ranks.
Do you know cmds if you do say 20 of acmds from helper cmds and admin cmds :Of Course I Know the CMD's I'll Give you some examples:/kick id Reason, /jail id reason, /spec Id/Off, /Watchdm, /makehelper id, /makeadvisor id, /tookadvisor id, /ar [report id], /tr [report id], /setstats, /sendto, /goto, /sendtoid, /ah, /ch, /amute, /aunmute, /newbie or /newb or sometime it could be /n depends on the script, /nmute, /nunmute, /setvip, /createpvehicle, /veh, /fcreate, /makeleader, /deletepvehicle, /a, /staff, /setname, /givenamechange, and So many more. Well My Cmd really Depends on the server's script as i say earlier.
Are you active :I I Could not have Lead Head Admin Rank If I'm Not Active, Of Course I'm Active!
Country :Philippines
GMT+ :UTC+08:00
Are you going to continue with us in the server or you just came for being an admin :Of Course I Would Continue Serving Players in Your Server, That's Why I'd Applying to be a part of the Administrator's Team.
Who referred you to this server our server :Well, I Just discover this server And No one referred me.
You going to abuse your admin powers or no ? :Of Course Not!, I Would Not Waste My Time Applying if i'll just abuse my powers to Insult Some Players.
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Posts : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Admin Application.   Admin Application. Icon_minitimeWed Oct 12, 2016 12:54 pm

By The Way. My In Game Name Was Change from Bird_Freeman To David_Cobra.
So, Just call me now David_Cobra.

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Admin Application.
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