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 Admin Application - Daxter

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Admin Application - Daxter Empty
PostSubject: Admin Application - Daxter   Admin Application - Daxter Icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2016 11:16 pm

Name: Daxter_Jeffery

Surname: Daxter

IG level : 7

Why should you be accepted in the admin team and if we said you will start from SH and climb up till  SA what you gonna say ?:

Alright,so i'm a 19 y/s.I've been admin on some roleplay server so i am having a background on how to run a server well .I've been playing for like 5 years so i'm pretty much experienced and capable of english speaking.
I'm a SH already and i don't mind to stick with the SH till you promote me.It's just i'm facing free time with nothing to do so i'd rather to help people when they /report instead of just answering questions,also i'm a friendly guy who's really communicative and i'll manage to deal with newbies.
Any questions about this application will be answered as fast as possible.

Do you know cmds if you do say 20 of acmds from helper cmds and admin cmds :
*helper cmds: /accepthelp ,/helpers , /helprequests
*Basic admin cmd ones:/ban ,/fine ,/jail ,/goto ,/gethere ,/refund ,/setmoney ,/makeleader ,/setname ,/kick ,/spec ,/getcar ,/hedit ,/ah ,/noooc ,/nonewb ,/givegun ,/setskin ,/sethp ,setarmor.
Are you active : Pretty much yea
Country : Egypt
GMT+ : GMT/UTC + 02:00 hour
Are you going to continue with us in the server or you just came for being an admin : For sure i'll continue.
Who referred you to this server our server : None.
You going to abuse your admin powers or no ? : Nope.
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Admin Application - Daxter
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