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 Varrios Los Aztecas

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Head Administrator.
Head Administrator.

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PostSubject: Varrios Los Aztecas   Varrios Los Aztecas Icon_minitimeThu Oct 06, 2016 2:08 pm

Varrios Los Aztecas Index12
Always RolePlay
We need Profissional killers
Deaglers/Sniper are our Fav. weps
Dont say i need money you will get kicked
Varrios Los Aztecas Sa-mp-10
We are the Varrios Los Aztecas
We require active players.
At least level 2
you need to have your own money Dont ask for $ never do it
you should be professional
You should get tested From [Baron]/[Baron_Bolt] he wont play proffesionally


Leader : Troy_Compton

Co leaders : Mike_Clark / Baron_Bolt / Zack_O_Corner

Rank 6 : Troy_Compton / Mike_Clark / Baron_Bolt / Zack_O_Corner

Rank 5 : Amine_Joker

Rank 4 : None yet

Rank 3 : None yet

Rank 2 : None yet

Rank 1 : None yet

Note:We will make Bank robbery video nearly

We Need players We require Help We are the best We are Varrios Los Aztecas
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Varrios Los Aztecas
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