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 Forum Rules for DiamondRoleplay

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PostSubject: Forum Rules for DiamondRoleplay   Forum Rules for DiamondRoleplay Icon_minitimeSun Jul 24, 2016 4:57 pm


Please do not spam admins to review your requests (frr, grr, complaints, famed, ect), this annoys the administrators, and fill up space in which they do not need to have. They will get to it when they have time, or the chance to do so. If they do forgot, you may remind them once.
Post in a serious manner, if the thread is asking you to. Do not troll threads that are asking for serious input or feedback. If the post is joking or just not serious, it's obviously alright to respond without being entirely serious.
Admin disrespect is not allowed. Disrespecting administration staff on forums will result a 3 days ban and (if continued) in-game punishment.
Insulting is now disallowed on any part of the forum (excluding IC posts and the spam section). Any serious form of offensive posting will result in an infraction.
Note: The insult is determined by the admin, not the player. Infractions will not be dealt for petty remarks.
Please do not post if you are not adding relevant information/content to the thread. Saying "Thanks looks good" is not an example of a good post. Likewise, short posts like "/supported" and others should be avoided as best you can. Before posting, be sure to think "Am I adding something to this conversation that is relevant and has not already been brought up?". (Doesn't apply to spam subforum)
Please post all threads in the correct sections. If you want to get people's opinions about a topic, General Discussions is the place to go. If you want to show your friends a funny video you found, try using the Entertainment and Media section. If there is not a section for your topic, there's a good chance it isn't by accident. For instance, forum games are not discussions and vice-versa. There is no section for forum games. This does not mean that you post them in General Discussions.
Do not post real life pictures of other players without their consent. Doing so may result in a ban depending on the severity of the situation.
You are not allowed to reveal any secret information of any player in the SARP Community. E.g: ( IP, Pictures, Names or Surnames, Address, Country of Origin, etc... )
These forums are not for pornographic material, anyone caught posting any type of pornographic material on Threads, Posts, VMs, Signatures, Avatars, Profile Pictures, Albums, PMs, ect will be banned.
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Forum Rules for DiamondRoleplay
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